Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Vinweedagon Dragons

This is Vincent the Vinweedagon Dragon, he was the first Dragon I made from Fimo, I have since then made his sister Viarosa, his brother Victor and his daughter Vinky, plus not to forget Vizzy who was made for someone special to bring her luck, these so far have all been made for other people

I have another five waiting to be made up at the moment, some of those are going to be in my new project 

Blacach Fionn Turaid

it will be a Tower for the Queen of Vinweedagon Dragons, Queen Venetia, by the way if you think you recognise the name you probably have as I got the idea from Helen my friend who is Vinweeda Magic

The first four Vinweedagon Dragons together from the back left Vincent, Vinky, Victor and Viarosa

This is a close up of Vinky she is about 2.5 inches tall and loves to bat her eyelashes

This is Vizzy he was made to bring good luck to a special lady he is only 1.5 inches tall and about the same wide

All the dragons have a pearlised brushing on them and all also have glitter sprinkled on

The larger ones I have made Wings for, so far Viarosa is the only Female Dragon in a 1000 years to have Wings as normally it is only the boys who develop those when they get to 100