My Dolls Houses

Here are some pictures of my Dolls Houses, I have been working on Thornfield Hall for about 3 years now [gosh has it really been that long] it is a Regency Period and I have really enjoyed it so far, my hold-up I think has been the ladies bedroom, I kit bashed the bed in there, but it still is not right although it will be fine for a guest bedroom, so I am on the lookout for the perfect bed to go in that room

This is the Ballroom, it was the first room I ever did, the back wall is 3mm real glass which I cut myself

The Ceiling is made up from some lining paper which I have then stuck three dimensional patterns to, these were taken from a sheet of ceiling paper then stuck to mountboard and cut out again, which gives the effect


    This a picture to show where the rooms are located the Ballroom is in the Basement, I kit bashed the single door as I found it too wide so cut it in half and put a double door in the middle

You can see Lady Jane Trent is sitting in there, wearing a dress I made, Lord Adam is next door, he has been redressed since this picture and also now has a pomaded wig                                                                        

This is the Ladies Withdrawing room all the walls and ceiling have been done with Plaster panels

This is a close up of the Anteroom the dresser at the back of the room I made from a kit

This is a close up of the Gentlemen's Room

Here is a closer look at the feast set for the Ball, I need to take another picture as I have now added the Salamagundi, which I made, I still have the Syllabub to make before this is finished

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Vinweeda Magic said...

Lovely Houses Amanda.. and lovely rooms too. xxx

MrsPitStop said...

I love your ball room its so grand